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Message from Scania Malaysia General Manager, En. Idros Puteh

It gives me great pleasure to welcome Sani Express into the family of customers that are using Scania buses in Malaysia!

I am especially proud that Sani Express has decided to run a 100% fleet of Scania buses. Today, the entire fleet of Sani Express buses is made up our top-of-the-range Scania K 420 6x2 double decker bus chassis, featuring a powerful yet environmentally friendly 420 horsepower EURO 3 engine and a multitude of safety feature such as Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS), Scania Retarder and disc brakes.

But more that that, we at Scania are pleased to be able to work with Sani Express, given the way the company is run in a very professional manner. As an express bus company that understands its customer needs, the focus on safety, comfort, cleanliness, service reliability and friendly service is definitely putting Sani Express in the right direction. No wonder, we see Sani Express as being seen as bus passengers' number one choice.

In running the express bus operations, Sani Express has taken the decision to out-source non-core activities such as the repair and maintenance of its buses to Scania. This smart partnership is a key strategy employed by Sani Express which allows them to greatly focus on the core business of providing premium, safe and reliable services for passengers.

We at Scania are proud to be associated with Sani Express. On behalf of Scania, I would like to reiterate out long-term commitment to Sani Express in providing excellent productand after-sales support of thehighest quality. I wish SaniExpress all the best for yourcoming endeavors.

Thank you,
Scania (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd







Idros Puteh
General Manager

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